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A close and completely confidential relationship with each client has formed the basis of our practice since its inception in 1976. 

 We are guided by a commitment to identify the needs of each client and then to do our best to address those needs and provide whatever assistance is required.  Recognizing that in the changing and challenging realm of the law there are many areas of practice and that it’s not practical or possible for anyone to develop required expertise in every field, our practice concentrates in the following areas:

Residential and Commercial real estate closings

Commercial and residential lease issues

Contract matters

Foreclosures and other matters of technical real estate litigation such as boundary disputes, easement issues and quieting title priorities and questions

Issues involving Homeowners’ Associations and Restrictive Covenants

Drafting simple Wills and Powers of Attorney

Probate work

Business formations such as corporations and limited liability companies

For areas in which we do not generally practice, we’re happy to provide assistance by making referrals to other attorneys with whom we’re familiar.